Prominent ear correction

Prominent ear correction is one of the most gratifying procedures for both patient and surgeon. The results are fairly instant and the effect on a persons confidence can be quite dramatic.

There are several features of the ear that give the shape, and the absence or over-expression of one or more of these features can lead to prominence of one or both ears.

The aim of surgery is to correct these features to give the appearance of a normal ear. At the end of the procedure, I hope patients will have ears that look natural and do not look ‘pinned back’.


During the consultation, I will explore the reasons for you requesting a pinnaplasty. We will discuss what you expect from the surgery and the ideal shape you are hoping to get. I will examine you and take some measurements that will guide me in giving the correct advice.

The Procedure

The procedure usually takes about 90 minutes and requires a general anaesthetic. In a few cases, if requested specifically, the procedure can be performed under a local anaesthetic but this will be uncomfortable for a few minutes while the local anaesthetic is being injected.




I will see you immediately after surgery to discuss how things went and to check that all is well. I will make sure you are comfortable before you go home. Patients are able to go home the same day. You will be given adequate pain relief. Please avoid taking any aspirin or blood thinning medication such as nurofen (ibuprofen) or voltarol (diclofenac).

Potential Complications