Breast Lift (mastopexy) and Mastopexy Augmentation

Mastopexy is a commonly sought cosmetic surgery procedure.

Women may wish for a breast lift, with or without augmentation with an implant, for a variety of reasons. With age, the skin loses its natural elasticity and breast skin may stretch, causing the breasts to sag. In some cases following childbirth, the breasts may become droopy and empty, and women may wish to increase the size of their breasts and reshape them at the same time. If all that is required is a ‘lifting’ of the breasts whilst maintaining their size, then a mastopexy alone is indicated.

If volume restoration or volume enhancement is required, then a mastopexy augmentation is required. In some cases, the breast simply needs an implant to restore volume and fill the breast again. I will discuss with you in detail which procedure would be most suitable, taking into consideration your expectations and desired outcomes.


During the consultation, I will explore the reasons for you requesting a breast lift. We will discuss what you expect from surgery and the ideal size and shape you are hoping to get. Please wear a bra you feel fits you most comfortably. I will examine you and take some measurements that will guide me in giving the correct advice.

Mastopexy Augmentation

Where a breast lift will not restore volume, or where breast implants alone will not improve the shape of the breasts, I may recommend a mastopexy augmentation. There are 3 ways to go about this, and I will discuss in detail with you the safest and best way.

A 1-stage MA is where implants are placed in the breast, before the breast is lifted and tightened. This has a few downsides – less predictable outcome, and only reserved for cases where I have to lift the nipple a maximum of 2cm, so as to protect the blood supply to the nipples. The second way is to lift the breasts first and symmetrise them as much as possible. Then, at a second operation (usually 3-4 months later), place the implants. Although this is 2 operations, the final outcome is more predictable, the nipple can be moved up safely as much as needed from whichever position they are at, and this is the ideal option for asymmetric breasts with well descended nipples. The third way is to perform an augmentation first, and then 3-4 months later, lift the breasts. This option is for those that wish to delay the lift procedure until after they have had implants, on the basis that they ‘may not feel the need for a lift’. The breasts need to be fairly symmetrical and the nipples not too droopy.




Breasts vary in cup size depending on where you were measured for your bra. Therefore the existing bra size is noteworthy but not entirely indicative of where you are currently. We can aim to achieve a certain size, but I cannot promise a specific bra cup size following surgery.


The incision is closed using absorbable sutures. The incision is then covered with a state-of-the-art waterproof dressing which will come off after about 3 weeks.


Possible Complications

Other Information

The outcome of all cosmetic surgery is highly subjective. Whilst your surgeon will try to give you a realistic expectation, the satisfaction which you feel about your result depends on many things.

Most people are delighted with their outcome. If there are elements of your surgery that fall short of what you had hoped for, you MUST feel free to discuss them with me, as the majority of issues are easily resolved.