Earlobe Repair

Patients frequently request earlobe surgery, either because they would like the shape changed, the size reduced or following injury where the earlobe has been split.

Additionally, recent trends in ear piercings have resulted in excessively stretched earlobes with large central holes.

All these problems can be corrected using plastic surgery techniques involving well-hidden scars. Surgery usually takes about an hour and is performed under local anaesthetic as a day-case procedure.

The Procedure


Dissolvable sutures are used internally and fine non-dissolvable sutures externally. These will require removal at about a week following surgery.

Possible Complications

This is rare and precautions are taken during surgery to minimise the risk of this. However, in the rare instance that significant bleeding occurs, this will require a return to theatre and stop the bleeding.


Other Information

The outcome of all cosmetic surgery is highly subjective. Whilst your surgeon will try to give you a realistic expectation, the satisfaction which you feel about your result depends on many things.

Most people are delighted with their outcome. If there are elements of your surgery which fall short of what you had hoped for, you MUST feel free to discuss them with me, as the majority of issues are easily resolved.